A necessary condition for ensuring accurate and correct completion of a structure is to follow all the design details and technical specifications. To achieve this, it is essential for technology and human factor to coexist in a balance. For this purpose, a considerable amount has been invested in the recent years to fully equip our factory with a range of high precision machinery tools, while a team of skilled labour from both Cyprus and the EU, are able to complete a structure with speed and accuracy.

Our premises are located at Dhali Industrial Area consisting of 1830m2 of plant with offices in a plot area of 6100m2. It is also noted that works has already begun for 780m2 plant extension. For the excellent operation of our production line, an appropriate equipment arrangement has been established:

Beam processing

  • Shot blasting machine according to the Sweedish Standard Sa 2 1/2 with entrance dimensions 1600 x 600mm and four blasting turbines of power 11kW.
  • Beam sawing machine up to 800 x 450mm.
  • CNC beam drilling machine up to Φ40 in sections up to 1050mm height.
  • MIG – MAG welding stations.

Plate / Sheet processing

  • NC Hydraulic guillotine shear with maximum cutting width 3100mm and cutting thickness 6.35mm.
  • NC Hydraulic press brake with maximum cutting width 3050mm and capacity 1350kN.
  • CNC Plate punching machine with capacity 1650kN.
  • Hydraulic 5-station steelworker with capacity 1000kN.
  • Hydraulic fixed nangle notching machine.
  • It has been planned in 2016 the purchase of a CNC cutting machine with oxygen torch with cutting capacity up to 90mm and high precision plasma head cutting up to 38mm thickness and 32mm piercing.


A painting area suitable for application of alkyd, epoxy and polyurethane paints, as well as fire protection systems for up to 90min.

Handling equipment

  • Two overhead cranes of capacity of 6,3tn and two of 5tn.
  • Four jib cranes of capacity of 1tn.
  • Two forklifts of capacity of 2tn.
  • Forklift (side loader) of capacity of 3tn.

Continuous automation of our manufacturing process, in conjunction with the employment of an experienced and qualified technical personnel, has increased our production capacity to 1000/hours per week. This is equivalent to an annual production of 2000 tn steel.

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