The precise design and the correct fabrication of a project, even though they represent the 90% of its total volume for completion, will have absolutely no effect if the site operations are not carried out with the same and excellent quality.


Our Company currently has a total of 9 erection teams of skilled and qualified craftsmen, which are under the lead of our 2 experienced superintendents. Each crew consists of 2 to 4 technicians and is fully staffed with all the deemed necessary tools and equipment. In spite of the times that require cheap and flexible workforce, all teams have at least one Greek-speaking person (Cypriot or Greek) to ensure immediate communication in the workplace with the employer or the site manager. Depending on the skills and relevant experience of our personnel, the crews have been formed accordingly in order to achieve maximum quality with minimum man-hours:

  • Structures setting-out crew (1)
  • Steel structures erection crew (3)
  • Cladding crew(2)
  • Iron works crew (2)
  • Maintenance – Finishes crew (1)


This department is fully equipped with a fleet of vehicles and lifting machinery, so that the needs of the crews for transport and lifting materials are met at any time. In addition to the light trucks of capacity between 1 and 1.5tn, the company owns:

  • Heavy truck – loader of a capacity of 10,5tn.
  • Heavy truck of a capacity of 4tn.
  • Three telescopic forklifts of a lifting capacity of 17tn, 16tn and 15tn.
  • A boom lift with reach ability of 12m.
  • A scissor lift with platform of 1900x4400mm in size and reach ability of 12m.
  • A scissor lift with platform of 750x2500mm in size and reach ability of 8m

Work Safety

The last but most important aspect of all: the health and safety of our personnel, associates and all parties involved in our scope of work. All of our field craftsmen are fully aware of the measures and practices for a safe working site, and are provided with the necessary equipment for their personal care (safety boots, visibility vests, hard hats, etc.). Depending on the requirements and the specifications of each project, the management team is responsible to prepare a Health and Safety Plan and a Risk Assessment.

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